El Paso Showroom

Our El Paso, TX location is a pickup location for customers in the area. If you are hesitant about sizes, we recommend ordering closest to your size, and when you pick up your order you will be able to try it on in our showroom when you pick it up! You can also order two sizes, and be fully refunded for the one that doesn't work out! 

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you still have a location in El Paso? 

While we do have an El Paso presence, we do not have a traditional storefront in El Paso that you can walk into and shop at. 

Can I Try On Before Purchasing?

Since we do not have a traditional storefront, we are not allowing try ons before purchase. You can purchase an item and if when picked up or delivered to your home, it does not fit, we will to a full refund to the original payment method if returned within 15 days of purchase. 

Can I Just Look Around?

Customers are able to order online, and when picking up their order are welcome to try on the items and shop around our basics and most popular jewelry styles. We are not allowing walk-ins without a pickup order or exchange. 

When are you open?

Our storefront is open Monday-Friday 10Am-5PM for pickups and our online store is open 24/7!

Will you ever have a store again?


Opening another storefront is not in the plans, but we will plan monthly popups in our location and around the city! Keep updated with us on our instagram!