Why I created On Next Sunday

Hello! One of the main questions I get when someone hears about On Next Sunday is why?, and how did that idea come about?. I wanted to give a little insight as to why On Next Sunday was created, and a little story behind the name! As a typical girl is, I am pretty obsessed with shopping. I mean, Confessions of a Shopaholic could easily be about me, if you ask my sisters! I truly believe that the process of shopping for an outfit, finding something you love, anticipating the day you get to wear it, and finally getting to put it on is one of the most fun things we get to do as women. The clothing we choose and how we style it, is an expression of our personalities and our inner soul. So with a little online research, an idea to create something, and a Southwest Credit Card, On Next Sunday was created. The name came from my favorite day of the week. Sundays for me represent no alarms, morning coffee & homemade pancakes, dressing up for church, and a relaxing rest of the day lounging around making dinner, and quality time with your family. So I decided this had to be part of the name! As many of my other ideas were already taken as domain names, i decided On Next Sunday and I instantly loved it. I then went on to create a website, Instagram and so forth and here we are still figuring it all out. Thanks for following the journey and I hope I can help pick that perfect outfit you cant wait to wear! I'd love to chat about what you like to see in the future, what you don't like, or whats your favorite day of the week! You can follow me on instagram @erikaleee

xoxo Erika Lee

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