Birthday Letter to you!

Hello, Sunday lovers!

If you’re reading this, you have NO clue how grateful I am for you! Today is my 26th birthday and I could CRY thinking back on this last year and how year 25 was such whirlwind year and definitely one I NEVER want to forget! If you’ve been following along for the last year, seriously, I LOVE YOU, and I hope you know we are basically besties. :)

On this exact day last year I was in Argentina, eating steak and talking about how I couldn't wait to get back home and sign my 5 year lease of where On Next Sunday now is. Yeah 5 years, (I’m insane).

As I’m reflecting back on this year I though I would share a couple things I learned and realized:
  • I learned that you indeed can rent a commercial space, with not much credit, and not much idea of what you're doing.
  • I realized that you have to be a little naive what opening a business, otherwise all of the WHAT IFs will freak you out, and you wont go through with it.
  • I learned that when someone says 2 months, they usually mean 4.
  • I learned that everyone has an opinion, listen to them all, but really trust your own.
  • I learned to read contracts, before signing them :)
  • I learned that a 2 star google review, feels like someone is being mean to your favorite kid, but to realize you can’t please them all.
  • I learned that first impressions are extremely important.
  • I learned that I really suck at sweeping.
  • I learned that locksmiths are super expensive.
  • I learned that some days (lots of days) you will have no sales, or even people walk in your door, and how to not freak out, everyone goes through it.
  • I learned that I am so grateful to have tools such as social media, while trying to grow a business.
  • I learned that if you have big dreams, you’ve got to make big moves, and that comfort zones are overrated.
  • I met amazing women entrepreneurs who are such inspirations.
  • I learned to love networking and how powerful it is.
But, I think what Im most grateful to have learned this year is how truly inspiring and amazing all of the women that support me are. Opening the store has led me to great friendships, and new relationships I otherwise would not have had, and for that I am TRULY grateful!

Thanks for taking this ride with me, I hope to never disappoint you all and I promise it will only get better! I have some amazing plans for On Next Sunday as a store and a brand and I cannot wait to reveal, and watch them grow along with all of youYou are a part of my story and if we haven't met, I hope to meet you soon! Stay tuned with our newsletter,you will have some news no one else gets and discounts no one else gets!

Thanks so much, and cheers to see what 26 brings!


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  • So so supernaturally blessed to see how dedicated and motivated you are to your work and your clients😘. Love to see your drive for your work and the love you have for fashion and the way you see beauty in everything and everyine👍 Especially the ladies that shop with you and that inspire you to choose the clothing that you pick with so much love and thought🎉🎉🎉. I pray the Lord blesss you always. That He give you wisdom, knowledge, and supernatural creativity🙏 Love you to the moon and back😍😍. Keep Shinning for Jesus my love🎉🎉🎉

    Su day lover

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